Adventures in Civic Pride Through Sport: “See-ATTLE….SOUNDers!”

I am not a soccer fan. But I’m NOT a not-a-soccer-fan in the way that I’m a not-an-American-football-fan. I actually LIKE soccer. So while my posts about the Seattle Seahawks and their amazing successes as Super Bowl Champs and crowd-noise … Continue reading

U-S-A! U-S-A! Uh…What Game Are We Watching Again? The World Cup & the Joys of Fair-Weather Fandom

I can feel it happening again. That un-earned pride. That need to boast.  “Did you SEE that goal against Ghana? In the first MINUTE? Yeah, that was Clint Dempsey. Yup–plays for Seattle. He’s our boy.” Like I’ve ever been to … Continue reading