Hi, and welcome to my “room”! That’s how I feel about this blog : like it’s my classroom you just walked into. Maybe someone directed you here, maybe you just wandered in, but here you are and here I am, and we get to spend as much time as you want discussing whatever we want. And there isn’t even any homework!

Wing’s World is where I go to talk about whatever’s on my mind, so I don’t drive my husband crazy by blurting out stuff like, “Hey, why ISN’T ‘indifferent’ the opposite of ‘different’?” I’m also happy to talk about my YA novels, The Flying Burgowski and Headwinds (and Book 3, Altitude, currently under construction)

Alhough I’m an author now, you’ve probably figured out that I used to be a teacher. I guess I still am; it’s a permanent condition, like having stubby  toes. But I’m okay with it. I’m not teaching right now; I’m spending my time writing books and working part-time in a WONDERFUL bakery, Holly B’s on Lopez Island. If you come here, you must stop by, because “Holly’s Buns Are Best.” I also do a lot of moving: I run and hike and ride my bike all over the island, and my Happy Place is anywhere up on a mountain or down in a canyon. But curled up cozy with a book–that’s nice too.


Oh, and I’m a singer-songwriter now too. Who knew how much time not-teaching would give me? (Shout-out to my former colleagues and all current teachers: you guys rock. I know how hard it is; may you feel the love.)

"Photo by Satsuki "Sunshine" Scoville"

“Photo by Satsuki “Sunshine” Scoville”

ANYway…now, when I miss my classroom and my students and colleagues, I go here–back to Wing’s World. Thanks for joining me.

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  1. I was actually looking back on old assignments from high school. I was just looking through my “School Daze” project and I got a 94 on in. Best project thay you ever assigned to me in class because it helped me out with a lot of things that I was going through back then. One more thing I want to say is that i still abhor black and white movies but I absolutely LOVED Casablanca! I now own it! Miss my teacher!!

  2. Well how exciting! So do tell – it is aimed at a certain age group then this middle grade – how old is that? What does YA actually stand for? How will you promote your book? Publisher? Self published? Questions! Questions!

  3. YA stands for young adult. These days YA lit is getting more and more edgy and violent, so a subset is growing, aimed more at “Tweens”. I did not specifically intend to write for this age group, but my heroine is 14, and kids tend to want to read about kids a little older than themselves. I am self-publishing via CreateSpace.

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    • Wow, thank you so much! I think we must be kindred spirits. My attraction to newness is what keeps my blog so random. Oh, and btw–tonight’s crustless quiche: delicious. I put some homemade bacon in it. (Yes, I have a blog post about homemade bacon.) Thanks for the idea!

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  12. Hey, this is a fun surprise! I was trying to figure out how to catch up with you because Wayne and I are going to be in Olympia Washington June 17. It looks like you are nearer to Seattle now. I am sad you aren’t teaching, but I hear you about all of the time it takes. I retired from OHS in 2016, taught two years at Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill and then did one semester part time at OHS. We are still doing the FIRST Robotics Team, 22 years, at OHS/CRHS. Take care. PM me on Facebook. Much love to you. Nina Morley Daye

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