The Flying Burgowski

The Flying What??? No, I haven’t gone off the deep end, I’m still on the topic of Young Adult Literature. The Flying Burgowski is the title of my book! Well, Book One. I’m still working on the title of Book Two, and Book Three, well…I haven’t written it yet. But I can’t wait.

Yup, you got it–it’s a trilogy. And yes, it’s about someone named Burgowski who can fly. Jocelyn Burgowski. She just turned 13. No, she’s not magic–or she doesn’t think she is, anyway. She doesn’t suddenly find out she’s part of a whole magical world she never knew existed. She can suddenly just…fly. How weird would that be–everything else in your life changes, except you have this amazing power?

Would that make your life better? What a stupid question–of course it would, right? But think harder. What if you suddenly got the power of flight? How would you deal with it? Would you tell everyone? Would you want to be on TV? Or would you rather keep it a secret? Whom would you share that secret with?

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