Magic Meets the Real World

So last week we were discussing the question of whether or not you would share your secret flying power with the rest of the world if you suddenly got it. I can certainly think of some advantages, but I’d rather hear from you. What would be some of the good parts about the public knowing you could fly?

And…what would be some of the down sides? (Just a hint: how do you feel about strangers calling your phone at any hour of the day?)

Harry Potter didn’t have to deal with this, you see. His kind of magic was able to make any Muggles who were exposed to it forget all about what they might have seen. Jocelyn Burgowski, the heroine of The Flying Burgowski, does not have that option. If someone sees her, well–she is seen, that’s all.

In my next installment, I’ll tell you how Jocelyn made the choice of To Tell or Not To Tell, and why she made it.  But meanwhile, let’s hear from you.

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