Climbing That Slippery Hill

“Where has she been?” I imagine all my imaginary readers thinking. “It’s been nearly a month since the last post! Is Gretchen really gone for good this time?”

Nope. Gretchen’s been taking a class about blogging to try to get comfier with this new (to me) way of relating to people. And, by the way, traveling at the same time. Turns out an iPad is not the easiest tool to use in manipulating the components of a blog…at least for this woman.

So…I find myself mostly frustrated every time I try and fail to post something. Right now I’m using a real, grown-up-sized computer (my dad’s–yup, even at my age my daddy can still come to the rescue) so I’m able to write this. But I’ll be leaving here soon, and right back in the mud of frustration when I try to post again.

So, until I get a teensy bit more time to put my newly-learned posting skills to use before I leave my parents’ place, it may be another couple of weeks before I’m able to check in again.

Here’s a question to chew on until then: Do you like reading about other people’s frustrations with technology? Do you enjoy that sense of misery-loves-company? Or would you rather people like me just shut up if we can’t say anything nice? (Not promising I will if the answer’s yes, you understand…just curious!)



1 thought on “Climbing That Slippery Hill

  1. After that massive sink hole in Florida that was on the news about a week ago, that was my first thought when I read about the waterfall not really being that high! Crazy.

    I like hearing about other people’s tech problems because I deal with tech problems constantly. Just not good with it at all. I tried making an edit to my post on my iPad and it messed it up and I couldn’t fix it on the iPad. I can’t imagine starting a brand new post on an iPad and getting it to turn out right. I guess it’s possible for techie-minded people.

    Safe travels to you, Gretchen!

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