12 thoughts on “I Believe! Who Doesn’t Want to be a Garden Fairy?

  1. I would be a really bad garden fairy. My house plants all die. I don’t kill them, of course. I think they commit suicide rather than suffer the abuse I heap upon them. However, my husband is a master gardener and our yard is beautiful. He has taken over the house plants too. He doesn’t trust me around anything green–except money. I am good with that. Loved your post.

  2. You know, I have to say, that was brilliant Gretchen. There are just some people who know how to throw glitter around. And most of us are attracted to glitter, so it works. I wish I was that clever! Have a great time at the fairy party girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wow, what a fantastic garden! I’d love to see more pics of it, and I’d love to walk through it someday. And I’d get suckered into helping weed if promised a gardening fairy party! I’m sure I used to trick my kids with techniques like this, but none come to mind right now. I love pulling weeds if the soil is moist and the weeds pop right out of the ground!

  4. I don’t know. So many people seem to see the negative here, but… Well… there’s a quote I think of that helped me understand myself when I used to go to other people’s houses and wash their dishes etc. when my own home was pretty messy; it was in the episode “And the Rock Cried Out” of Babylon 5:

    Rev. Dexter: You know, before I got married, Emily used to come by sometimes and help me clean out my apartment. Well, I asked her, “How come you’re so eager to help clean up my place when your place is just as bad?” She said, “Because cleaning up your place helps me to forget what a mess I’ve made of mine, andโ€ฆwhen I sweep my floor, all I’ve done is sweep my floor. But, when I help you clean up your place, I am helping you.”

    I see this being a “Garden Fairy” experience as similar. Your own garden? It’s nice, it’s pretty, you enjoy it. BUT you know that you are helping a friend when you weed Susie’s garden, that you are making a lot of other people happy… and even yourself, because you get to enjoy this beauty too.

    Basically, I do think your friend is manipulating her friends. She’s adding some play to the experience, and you’re doing something that gives a little of yourself and makes a hundred thousand offerings of that little bit to share with the world.

    • Eden, that is beautifully said. For the purposes of my post, I was highlighting the ironic, humorous side of the situation, but I agree with you 100%. Susie isn’t manipulative, unless one means she is “manipulating,” or maximizing, joy by her own simple math of 1 + 1 + 1 = more than 3. Thank you for your thoughtful response!

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