Breaking News: Wing’s World Hijacked By Travel Blog

It’s OK. No one’s been hurt. She made it quick and clean. But for the next few weeks, there’s gonna be a new sheriff in town…


You have three people to blame for this disaster: my husband, my writer friend Iris Graville, and Social Media Maven Kristen Lamb.

I’ll start with my husband. Former professor at the University of North Carolina, therefore HUGE Tarheel basketball fan. When we moved to the Pacific Northwest 23 years ago, he continued to fly back every March to watch the ACC tournament with his fellow crazed fans friends.

During our sabbatical in New Zealand…yup. You got it. He still flew back. And when the underdog Tarheels WON that year, my husband became a legend among fans.

But he always hated the hassle of flying. So when he retired in 2010, he declared, “That’s it. From now on, I’m driving to Chapel Hill.” Then he uttered the fateful words: “You’ll come too, won’t you?”

And thus was born the Great Annual Cross-Country Road Trip. We are now about to begin our fourth. Along the way to NC and back, we’ll catch up with family members and long-lost friends, visit some national parks, and discover byways we never knew existed in places like, I don’t know, Oklahoma.

So, where does my friend Iris Graville come in? She talked me into attending the January Residency of the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts. I got so much out of it, I attended a second year. And that’s when I took Kristen Lamb’s class on blogging for writers. Not only did she teach me to enjoy blogging, she convinced me that good bloggers blog REGULARLY. I.e., no excuses.

Road trip? Get out that iPad, girl, and tap away.

So I figure…if I’m blogging from the road…and I really do mean from the ROAD…I might as well make the road part of the blog. OK? Fair warning, though. I’m still getting the hang of this Device iPad. So I can’t blog in pretty colors, and you’ll probably notice a few more typooooos than usual.

But hey, I’ve learned to do this:


So, kids, buckle your seatbelts. I’ll check in every few days and let you know where we are and what we’ve seen. And meanwhile, you can tell me…

How do you feel about road trips? Love ‘me? Get carsick just thinking about ’em? Want to meet me in St. Louie?

6 thoughts on “Breaking News: Wing’s World Hijacked By Travel Blog

  1. I love road trips–as long as I get to do all the driving. We have seen so many amazing things on our trips. And met so many amazing people. Have a great trip.

    • Thank you, Melissa. I’m the other way around–I get too stiff sitting up driving, so I mostly sit in weird positions while my husband keeps the pedal to the metal. But I’m not sure id let anyone but him do that for me.

  2. Gretchen,

    Just about exactly 17 years ago, I set off on a cross-country train trip, to take a job at the Grand Canyon. It was there that I met an Oregon boy. So this New York girl has been across the country and back three times – the last with a month old nursling…THAT was not a particularly fun trip, but I loved all the others, and said former nursling could claim ten states by the time he was 8 weeks old!

    May all your journeys be joyful ones…and I want to learn to do what you learned to do with those images! =D

  3. What a great meeting story! As for images…Grrr. I’ve just finished posting my latest using this iPad, and just the pictures took me an HOUR. Skitch is a great app, but it is SO hard to tap exactly the right thing on this small screen without accidentally closing the window and opening some random one. However, I suppose being able to blog from a traffic jam is a minor miracle in itself,so I ought not to complain. Thanks for visiting, SJ…

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