What If We Had a Memorial Day For ALL Victims of War?

Here’s a thought: what if we had a Memorial Day to commemorate all those killed by war?

Not just soldiers. Civilians. Families. Kids. Grandmas.

Here’s another thought: how might it be possible to make such a suggestion, in our polarized times, without being accused of not supporting our military?

I don’t wish to take anything away from the sacrifice of our people in uniform. Their courage humbles me.

(image courtesy Wikimedia)

(image courtesy Wikimedia)

But there is no stronger spokesperson against war than those who’ve been in it. And I can’t help but think that those men and women would agree with me that the lack of space in our culture to mourn the innocent bystander is a huge, huge hole.

(courtesy Wikimedia)

(courtesy Wikimedia)


What if we filled that hole? An international day of mourning for all those NOT in uniform who still paid the ultimate price of war? What would that look like? 

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “What If We Had a Memorial Day For ALL Victims of War?

  1. In researching a recent article, I came across this staggering statistic. American casualties of war are estimated at 1.3 million in a period of more than a century as a result of 35 major and minor wars. Almost half of the deaths were from the Civil War. In the Iraq War, there were an equivalent number of Iraqi military and civilian deaths in a period of one decade as a result of a single war.

  2. Yes. Sometimes I think Americans would be less eager to go to war, even when attacked, had we experienced civilian deaths on the scale of countries like Iraq, or Japan or Russia, or even Germany. Thanks, Jeff.

  3. Gretchen,

    I’ve always thought it would be better to have national leaders box it out to settle conflicts. Put on the gloves, square off in the ring….if, of course, they can’t work it out in a more rational manner.

    I know. It’s not very logical. But then, neither is war…and fewer people would get hurt, in the ring…

    I’m reminded of a M*A*S*H bit that really resonates with me:

    Potter: War is hell.
    Pierce: War’s not hell. War is war and hell is hell, and, of the two, war is worse.
    Mulcahey: How do you figure, Hawkeye?
    Pierce: Who goes to hell, Father?
    Mulcahey: Well, sinners, I believe.
    Pierce: There’s the difference. There are no innocent bystanders in hell.

    A day, or a week, or a month, or a year, for those innocents who died, and the millions more who lives have been scarred…it would be a good step in the right direction.

  4. Y’know, my sisters and I were forbidden TV when we were kids, with 3 exceptions: Masterpiece Theater, All in the Family, and M*A*S*H. So, yeah–that resonates.

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