Thank You, Robin Williams: Ooh, Me Too, I Wanna Share My Favorite Scene

It’s not from a movie. It’s from Inside The Actor’s Studio. James Lipton asked Robin how his mind worked…and…he was off.

To my peers, he’s Mork. To my kids, he’s the Genie from Aladdin. But to me, he’s the man who took the top of his head off and let us all glimpse inside.

“Why is tonight different from all others? Because we are gonna dance.”

Rest in peace, man.

Care to share yours? Go ahead: you’ll feel better.


1 thought on “Thank You, Robin Williams: Ooh, Me Too, I Wanna Share My Favorite Scene

  1. Saving this to watch when I can laugh and cry without waking anyone.

    My favorite moments are from an OLD standup tape, and Dead Poets’ Society, which showed a lonely and weird creative type that she wasn’t as alone as she thought she was in those teenage years…

    To my kids, he’ll always be Mrs. Doubtfire. And the man in “The Crazy Ones”, which was on last year after “The Big Bang Theory”. Watching in passing, both stopped at different times, and said, “Who IS that guy?! He’s really funny!”

    I’m going to delight, over the next years, in watching them find out how very much more right they were than they imagined. And thank Robin, too, for the chance to talk about difficult things, like how someone can be so beloved by so many, and still reach a point where they are so alone in such a hopeless place that death seems the only release…

    And I’ll try to listen with more of myself, and be more open….

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