Play Ball! And, Oh Yeah, Break Down Some More Barriers…Meet Mo’ne Davis

You won’t often find me quoting People Magazine, but here’s what’s up:

At 13, Mo’ne Davis boasts two assets any baseball player would covet: a killer arm and fierce confidence.

“Throwing 70 miles an hour – that’s throwing like a girl,” the star of the Philadelphia Taney Dragons told CBS News of her famed fastballs. On Friday, the South Philly native became the first girl to throw a shutout in Little League World Series history, allowing only two hits, striking out eight batters and walking none against Tennessee.

“It’s the Mo show out there,” Philadelphia manager Alex Rice told The New York Times.

I’m not much of a baseball fan. I’m certainly not a Little League fan. But I’m becoming a huge Mo’ne (pronounced Mo-NAY) Davis fan.

She didn’t just play. She pitched a SHUTOUT. In the WORLD SERIES.

The coolest thing about this clip? Mo’ne isn’t the lead. She’s just one great pitcher being praised in classic baseball announcer style, just like the boys. “She was dealin’…that’s some SWEET motion.

The People article also notes that Mo’ne is “humble:”

When it comes to her status as a trailblazer, “it does mean a lot to be the first American girl, but more girls should start joining boys’ teams,” Davis told the Philadelphia Daily News. “The attention should not just be on one girl; more girls should join boys’ teams so it is a tradition and it won’t be so special.”

I LOVE this kid!

“How’s she doing?”  I kept wandering through the TV room to ask my Mate during the next game. (Ye gods forbid that I should sit down and actually watch a baseball game!) Mo’ne’s Philly team won again, without any heroics from her this time, but I don’t care. Her team’s alive to play on!

And the best news of all? Baseball’s not even her favorite sport. It’s basketball. Now THAT I will sit down and watch.

But meanwhile, how ’bout a shout-out to all those people out there pushing themselves in activities that don’t traditionally support them? Here’s to baseball-playing girls, ballet-dancing boys, small Asian basketball players, heavyset cheerleaders…

How about adding some more categories? Whom do you know who’s breaking ground in a new field, sports or work or arts or…anything? Tell me about a trailblazer you know who makes you feel proud.



1 thought on “Play Ball! And, Oh Yeah, Break Down Some More Barriers…Meet Mo’ne Davis

  1. How about Gretchen, the girl who said she’d never write a blog…blazing trails for all of us who swore they’d never READ a blog…and here I am. I don’t know whether to thank you or not…but I will…it’s fun to read “Wing’s Words”.

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