Je Suis Charlie; Nous Sommes Charlie

In solidarity with those whose stand against fanaticism of any kind puts them in harm’s way…

(Courtesy The Daily Beast)

(Courtesy The Daily Beast)

And in love, and hope that peaceful hearts and minds will overcome those filled with hate...

Courtesy David Hayward,

Courtesy David Hayward,

Today, take a look at someone who is really, REALLY different from you. Look hard. Smile.


4 thoughts on “Je Suis Charlie; Nous Sommes Charlie

  1. As always, nicely done! I relate to the photo, but I especially appreciated the cartoon. It’s such a delight to read your blog. You find all these special treasures…and share them. And I suppose that shouldn’t surprise me. I’ve long suspected it takes one to find one, and for sure, YOU are one, a genuinely generous Lopez treasure!!

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