Healing Words

Who does not have need of some healing in his/her life? Who would not benefit from a day to find that healing? I meant to share this earlier, in time for interested folks to sign up for my friend Iris Graville’s Write to Heal workshop. But since I dropped the ball, why not learn about this cool event now? Then you can be ready to sign up for the next one, whenever it arrives!

Iris Graville - Author

A few months ago, the cuticle of my left middle finger reddened and swelled. I bandaged and soaked and poked and fretted at the festering spot. For days it throbbed, then the pain eased after a week of antibiotic ointment. Gradually the lump and the red hue disappeared, but the fingernail puckered and pulled away from my flesh as a new nail crept out from the cuticle. The infection had cleared, but the healing skin and nail remained tender.

Emotional healing progresses in a similar way. You may try many approaches to identify the cause and use a range of remedies to ease the pain. But even when the initial ache subsides, the full process to restore well-being can, and usually does, continue for a long time.

Research psychologist James Pennebaker is among many who has found that writing about traumas or upheavals (what he calls emotional writing) enhances theā€¦

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