The Funniest Two Guys No One I Know Seems To Know About: Key & Peele

Since I’m usually one of the least culturally-hip people I know (unless that hipness comprises the years when I was a) a high school student myself or b) teaching high school students), this fact surprises me: very few people I know seem to have heard about Key & Peele. 

The reason is probably lack of cable TV, or, on my island, lack of TV at all. But even across the country, with friends who share our irreverent sense of humor and social-justice politics, The Mate and I have been surprised at this response among our friends:

Us: Have you seen the Key & Peele sketch with Luther, Obama’s Anger Translator? Oh, and how ’bout the one about the Black substitute teacher who can’t pronounce the White kids’ names?

Friend: Key and who?

Us: Peele! Key and Peele! That’s Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele. They’re a comedy duo on Comedy Central.

Friend: Never heard of ’em.

Us: Oh. Well, they’re funny. They’re both mixed-race guys, so they can safely take on the race issue from both sides. And pretty much everything else.

You get the idea. Since the White House Correspondents Dinner last month, when Obama invited Keegan Key (“Luther”) to join him at the lectern, perhaps Key & Peele are finally more mainstream now. But just in case…watch this:

I know, right? To get the full flavor, you should really watch Jordan Peele’s Obama, with Key as Luther. But their language is a little too strong for this blog, so I’ll let you go there on your own.

And while you’re at it…check out the one about the substitute teacher!

And…you’re welcome.

Got a favorite K & P sketch you want to share? Or another comedy sketch you think I should know about? Go ahead–make me laugh.


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