Life of Pie: Crusty Author Gives Flaky Secrets

After another summertime spate of folks commenting on being daunted at the thought of homemade pie crust, I’ve decided I need to run this post again, first written two years ago. It still applies. If you are a piecrust-dauntee, prepare to feel empowered. Make your pie, then write in and let me know how it went. You’re welcome.

Wing's World

Fill in the blank: “It’s as American as apple _________.”

Not cupcakes. Not tarts. Not even empanadas. PIE, damnit. As far as I’m concerned, pie is IT and always will be.

I’m a pie girl from way back. My family had an apple tree that bore gazillion apples every September. Not too great for eating, but nice and tart, perfect for–no, not tarts!! PIE. I made two pies every day for as long as those apples kept coming, one for our dinner and one for the freezer.

I got pretty good at pie.

Over the years, I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon: people are afraid of pie crust. They tell me horror stories of bad pie-crust trips that scarred them for life and sent them running, thereafter, for the frozen-food section to buy nice, safe flaky ones made by a machine. Or they gave up completely and just bought the whole…

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