Writers, dental blocks and spotted owlets

Recently a friend told me she had made it through her writer’s block, and it felt so good. That reminded me of this lovely post from my favorite cyber-friend from South India, poet & bird-lover Christy Barath. This is not your standard “how to get past writer’s block” post–though it does offer suggestions. It’s a completely different take. And it contains tiny owls! Please enjoy–then go outside.


A writer’s block can be the most perfect thing in the world. It isn’t a melody that wentout of tune. Neither a slip of a brushstroke nor an itch on a sculptor’s wrist.A writer’s block is a difficult conversation you have with a lover. It isn’t a foreboding discussion about the future. The longevity of the relationship is notunder threat. It’s just that the limitation of love itself seems noticeable at a particularmoment.

Somehow you have to work it outbecause there’s too much to lose. There is also a chance you mayclaw your way out of it – a more resilient writer.

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