Missing the Forest for All the Damselflies

If you’ve ever felt frustrated with Scientists for being Too Out Of Touch With the Real World, read this. This guy gets it–my kind of scientist.

Pura Vida Stories

This snake is eating another snake.

IMG_1945You don’t say.

Just wanted to clear that up.  To be specific, it’s a two-meter long Neotropical coachwhip polishing off the latter half of what I believe is a false coral snake.

Just another day at work here.  Although especially interesting wildlife encounters are at a bit of a low right now.  Our current site is between two different farm plots, so wildlife isn’t quite as abundant here as my other locales.  Besides, most of my attention is on the bugs, and I have less of a chance to just look around once in a while.  But life here isn’t completely without incident.  Closer inspection of a drain hole in a bridge yielded a mother gecko guarding a clutch of eggs.  That’s a first for me.

IMG_1952Even geckos’ eggs stick to the ceiling.  Geckos are awesome.

I feel that it’s important, no matter what…

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