Confessions of a Lilac Thief

I need help. I’m in way too deep. Into lilacs, that is. A full-bore passion.

I simply cannot pass by one of these oases of burstingly bushy blooming globules without burying my face in it…and then stealing a fat sprig to tuck into my ponytail.

You know you want me.

You know you want me.

I’m a lilac thief. I can’t help myself.

Come to think of it–don’t help me. Let me drown in happy, scented lilac love. Just tell me, if you know…what IS it about these flowers that is so entrancing? Is anyone else suffering from their delightful bewitchment? 

You're MINE, lilacs! Oh, actually are mine. Heh.

You’re MINE, lilacs! Oh, wait…you actually are mine. Heh.

Or do you have a secret flower lust of your own? Go ahead and share. I’ll never tell*.

*except in the usual social media ways

7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Lilac Thief

  1. I love them, too. Lilacs grow beside my front door – the fragrance is so sweet! As a third-grader, I “stole” a clump from a neighbor’s bush to take to my teacher. That day after school, my mom insisted that I go to the house to apologize. Probably a good lesson, but I was mortified! You can thieve away from my bush when you’re in the neighborhood – I think clipping stimulates growth!

    • Iris, yes! I bet your neighbor was probably gratified, even if she felt like she had to help teach you a lesson (like a good midwesterner). Thanks for the invitation to “steal”!

    • Ah, tulips! I understand that passion. They are so irresistibly gorgeous, and so varied! I want to peer into each one. Your tulip love affair has a long and rich history in Europe and America both!

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