A Call to Right

Like many millions of us, I’ve been examining what my role is, as a new citizen of Trumpmerica. This post from my author friend Iris Graville captures an idea I love: Writer as Righter. What do you think?

Iris Graville - Author

A plastic bag dangled from the door of our mailbox, a thin cardboard box raincoated against the drizzly, winter day. Suspecting the box contained a book I’d ordered, but not remembering which title I was awaiting, I walked briskly home, my yellow lab changing his trot to a sprint to keep up with me.

bookWhen I freed the box from the bag and tore it open, a thin, green volume slid out—Kim Stafford’s latest collection, The Flavor of Unity: Post-Election Poems. kimThe son of poet William Stafford, Kim greets the dawn each day as his father did, “writing the date, a few sentences about the previous day, then an ‘aphorism’ (a thought, a pattern observed, an idea…), and then a poem, half a poem, or notes for a poem.” While some of this writing eventually ends up as published poems, Kim finds that, “mostly, this custom allows me simply to…

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4 thoughts on “A Call to Right

  1. Thanks for the re-blog, Gretchen. I just received another order of Kim’s collection so I can share copies with you and others; the slim volume brims with wisdom, support, and hope.

  2. Oh–I just asked the book store to order me a copy! But either way, Kim gets the sale and I get the poetry! Win-win. Thanks for sharing him with us–we NEED people like him.

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