Your Basic, Old-School Thanks-giving Post

Hot water.

Mosses and mushrooms.

Animals who cuddle with other species.


People who are braver than I am.


Uniball pens.

Rhythm and harmony.

Dewy spiderwebs.


People who go out of their way to be helpful.

Madrona trees. (Okay…all trees.)

Dark chocolate.



My family. My family. My family.

Did I mention hammocks?

Keep this going, please: add yours! And may you thoroughly enjoy your Thanks Giving.

4 thoughts on “Your Basic, Old-School Thanks-giving Post

  1. Wool slippers
    Fire in the woodstove
    A novel that takes me to a different place
    Chocolate chip cookies
    Mountains – specifically, the North Cascades
    My granddaughter’s dimples
    My dog and cats
    A wide, warm circle of friends
    My family. My family. My family.

  2. Stinson Beach.

    Osiris, my cat.

    My girls (who are all young women now).

    The smell of the air after the first rain in months.

    “Were you there” by Johnny Cash and the Carter sisters.

    Petrarch’s sonnets.

    My church.

    West Bay Opera in Palo Alto.


    Referrals and network connections.

    Unemployment checks (I’m currently “between jobs”).

    Mojave Desert.

    Venice Beach.


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