*Afterthought 100 – They All Have Names

I’ve been meaning for some time to reblog this post from my friend and fellow writer Iris: our island’s small but powerful show of support.

Iris Graville - Author

*Afterthought 100—They All Have Names

For the past few weeks, a small group of people has gathered in Lopez Island’s tiny village on Sunday afternoons. Most have carried signs protesting police brutality, racism, and white supremacy. Recently, organizers called for help to paint signs with the names of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) around the U.S. who have been killed by law enforcement officers.

This installation has been growing along a road at the Village entrance. Sadly, a local woman who opposes Black Lives Matter, pulled up the stakes and threw the signs to the ground. After organizers repaired and replaced the signs, she and her husband defaced them with black spray paint and allegedly turned the spray cans of paint on some of the organizers.

The community’s response? Repaint the existing signs, add more, and install the growing number and adorn them with fresh, local flowers.



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