COVID-19 Vaccine—It’s About Community

I am so lucky to have in my writers’ group Iris Graville, who is not only a skilled writer but a retired public health nurse! Her post on the vaccine is so informative and hopeful (in a realistic way), I’m excited to share it. Take it away, Iris!

Iris Graville - Author

Here’s what community looks like where I live in Washington state’s San Juan Islands. We make meals when a new baby arrives or when someone goes through a health crisis.When a family’s house burns down, we give shelter and help build a new one. Some of us mentor school kids, others drive shuttles for seniors, and many serve on the boards of local non-profits and government entities. I know the same actions happen lots of places.

Soon, there’ll be another important way to demonstrate community—receiving COVID-19 immunizations.

With FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval of two COVID vaccines, some emergency services personnel, health care providers, and long-term care staff and residents are already being immunized. In the coming weeks and months, the vaccine will be available to increasing numbers of people, and it’s possible more vaccines will be approved.

Many wonder, though, if enough…

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