Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline: Wow, Media, Could You Be More Obvious?

I’m pretty late to the controversy surrounding the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline. But now that I’m trying to learn more about it, I gotta say–Bravo, Mainstream Media. You’ve outdone yourselves. Even CNN is running a pro-project video as “news.” Their most recent story I could find on Standing Rock is titled “What’s Up With the Dakota Access Pipeline?”

Since that’s exactly what I wanted to know, I clicked on the video. It lasts 1 minute and 21 second–just background music with captions. Thirteen seconds of the video relate the objections to the pipeline (fears of leaks, attacks on Native culture). The other minute or so lists all the pro-pipeline arguments about jobs and oil usage.

Hmm. That’s strange.  But when I read the script at the base of the screen, it said, “Source: Energy Access Partners.”

Anyone else see a problem with this? And this is CNN–not Fox.

Much more balanced was this story from Al Jazeera back in August:

The story is the protest, right? Whether Americans think the pipeline is a good idea or not, don’t we deserve to know why there’s a protest in the first place? 

Why does it take a news company based in the Arabian Peninsula to inform me? 

Never mind–I think I know the answer.



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