What’s Your Happy Song? Civil Wars’ “Barton Hollow”: Not Too Happy, But Boy it Works For Me

Do you have a happy song?

You know what I mean. That song that shoots a stream of energy into your blood and makes your body start moving no matter how tired you are at work, or how long you’ve been sitting in traffic.
It doesn’t have to be happy. Mine isn’t. For some reason, whenever my co-worker Ty plays his “Stompgrass” playlist in the bakery and “Barton Hollow” comes on, I have to dance in the middle of rolling out butterhorn dough. It’s a pretty bleak song. Doesn’t matter.

I’m not going to analyze a thing about beat or harmony or the effect of those Southern lyrics on my North Carolina soul. I’m just going to share the song and let you see what I mean:

And then of course I have to ask: What’s your Happy Song? Maybe I can get Ty to add it to his playlist.

6 thoughts on “What’s Your Happy Song? Civil Wars’ “Barton Hollow”: Not Too Happy, But Boy it Works For Me

  1. I love the song Titanium by Ali Brustofski – just listening to it gives me strength and reminds me to be strong. I had it on my phone as a ringer but it came out so loudly that everyone got startled so I changed it to the Alfred Hitchcock theme.

  2. I love music, so narrowing my response down to one thing is rough. But, you know…the song that jumped into my head first (tonight anyway) was Sweet Home Alabama. How can you not turn that song up?

  3. Runaround Sue by Dion. It’s ancient, but it makes me want to dance at stoplights whenever it comes on the radio.

    By the way, go on the butterhorns! They are a family tradition with us too – I have my German great-grandma’s recipe and have figured out how to modify it for my allergies. Not quite the same, but still so yummy at Christmas time.

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