Celebrating World Cup Futbol: You HAVE to See This

I know, I know–whenever anyone emails or Facebooks me and includes “have to see” in the heading, I automatically trash it.

But seriously. You have to see this. I have my reasons.

#1. La Copa Mundial, the World Cup, kicks off (pun intended) this week. Unlike baseball’s “World Series”–please!–or even the Olympics, this event involves a sport that is played by people in every country on every continent–yes, including Antarctica–, and is thus followed, fanatically (again, pun intended) by said person on said continent. Isn’t that worth celebrating?

#2. Young people tend to underestimate, if not disregard, if not disrespect, old people.

#3. You can do THAT with a soccer ball??!!

So here’s the setup for this clip, as explained by KSL.com in Utah:

MEXICO — When an older man invites himself onto a field for a pick-up game, you don’t usually expect him to steal the ball and the show. Freestyle soccer champion Sean Garnier followed the example of “Uncle Drew” and donned an old man disguise to give spectators and fellow players a performance they’re sure to remember. Garnier starts off slow to give the illusion that he is old and feeble, but eventually picks up speed and dances around his opponents with ease. He nutmegs the same guy four times in a row and takes every opportunity to fake the opposing team out — even if it involves stuffing the ball in his jacket. The 29-year-old French man originally dreamed of playing professional soccer, but was forced to change paths after suffering a string of injuries, according to his bio. Eventually, he came to develop his own mixture of break dancing and soccer and won the first Red Bull Street Style World Finals in Sao Paolo, Brazil, in 2008. His newest video was released just in time to get soccer fans pumped up for the World Cup, which begins Thursday. Now watch this:

I KNOW, right???

Your turn: What, if anything, does the World Cup mean to you? Should it mean anything? Spout off, please!

3 thoughts on “Celebrating World Cup Futbol: You HAVE to See This

  1. We don’t have any real sports fans in our family, but I do love a beautiful performance, whatever the sport. This totally qualifies.

    However, about your #2: I think older people also often underestimate younger ones. Maybe people tend to underestimate people…hmn,,,I feel yet another blogpost stirring.

    You have a high capacity as a catalyst, dearie! =)

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