Banana Slugs, Graduation, and Why I’m Not Blogging Today

Really, I’m not. I wrote this a few days ago and scheduled it, knowing I’d be a little busy on my usual blogging day…

…watching my youngest son graduate from college.


I know, he’s changed a little since then. But it still feels like that.

Casey’s graduating from UC Santa Cruz, home of the Fighting Banana Slugs. Yup.

There are some pretty wild college mascots out there.I’ve heard of the Pomona Sage Hens (cheer: CHIRP!), and who could forget The Evergreen State College Geoducks? (For those of you non-northwesterner, a geoduck is a large, tasty clam–pronounced, for some reason, “gooeyduck.”)

(orig. image courtesy

(orig. image courtesy

In honor of college graduates worldwide…what’s the weirdest mascot you know of? Please share!

9 thoughts on “Banana Slugs, Graduation, and Why I’m Not Blogging Today

  1. ¡Enhorabuena en cuanto a tu hijo! I just wanted to say he favorite of many southerners: The University of South Carolina Game Cocks. The legislature there took the unusual step of killing a USC class called “How to Become a Lesbian,” because they thought they were going to actually teach them how to walk, how to dress, and give them a how-to manual on lesbian sexual activity and political correctness… (The title may be fetching or not but it’s a women’s history and literature class dealing with cisgendered lesbians, trans-gendered, and transsexual women and men. It’s got a heavy dose of sociology, anthropology, history literature, and a strong use of postmodern, post-colonial,feminist, psychological, and Marxist theory.. , what a bunch of…Game Cocks!

  2. Hooray for the graduate, and his parents. And a banana slug is a rather icky but persistent type of mascot. Sammy the Slug reminds me of the Oregon Coast,and banana slugs almost as big as Jim’s size 13 hiking boot! Nothing like that here in my native environment…but then, Jim didn’t have lightning bugs growing up, so maybe it evens out?

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