R.A.A.K.: Really Awesome Acts of Kindness

I assume you’ve heard of RAKs–Random Acts of Kindness. The concept even has its own foundation, full of ideas organized by topic, expense, and time. Go there, explore, see what grabs you! Then read on.

Our island is home to one gentleman whom I have yet to meet, though we’ve been waving to each other in passing. He almost always rides a bicycle, though the other day he apparently drove a pickup…in order to deliver a large load of wood chips, with which to revitalize the paths around the tiny county park down at my end of the island…

He's been moving this pile single-handedly all week.

He’s been moving this pile single-handedly all week.

…and its latrine. Yup. You’ve heard of Adopt-a-Spot? This man has Adopted-a-Latrine. Here’s a look from the outside of the World’s Spunkiest Latrine:

Not a decorator color in sight!

Not a decorator color in sight!

And a close-up from the inside: yes, those are magazines in one corner (New Yorker!) flowers in the other (in summer they’re fresh; this time of year, silk), and–Christmas ornaments! Yes! Merry peeing to you!

Thank you, Latrine Fairy!

Thank you, Latrine Fairy!

Even the obligatory admonishing notice is spunky:

Well, if you put it that way...sure thing!

Well, if you put it that way…sure thing!

To be sure, this is WAY beyond most folks’ idea of “random”–this is DEDICATED. I’ve a pretty good idea that this so-far-unknown-to-me Latrine Fairy is retired, thus has time to dedicate to creating joy and beauty in the unlikeliest of places. But no matter–hopefully one day we’ll all get to a place where we can adopt a latrine if we want to!

And meanwhile…now’s the time to share your own Random Acts of Kindness, given, received, or just heard about. Share away–I LOVE this stuff!


2 thoughts on “R.A.A.K.: Really Awesome Acts of Kindness

  1. So great to see your honoring of our local latrine beautifier! We were the beneficiaries of a R.A.K. during last week’s high winds – someone moved our row boat that we keep on the beach for crabbing to higher ground. In fact, moved ALL of the boats on the beach, so none of them were washed out to sea! Thank you to whoever made sure the boats were safe.

    Then today I saw this clip (https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153003404704073) about random traffic stops in Kansas City, MO – a generous, wealthy businessman gives $100 bills to strangers, and this year, he enlisted the help of the police dept. From this news clip, it sounds like this kindness touched a lot of people.

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