Celebrating Strength and Commitment: ESPN’s Body Issue is Back

I’ve said it before: I LOVE ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue. It’s everything that Sports Illustrated turned its back on when it decided to devote a monthly issue to Playboy-esque models in teaser swimsuits. Ugh, just thinking about that issue makes me mad. It always makes me mad when people KNOW BETTER.

But ESPN celebrates ATHLETES. And not just model-y, skinny-looking ones like swimmer Natalie Coughlin, basketball player Brittney Griner or last year’s cover woman and World Cup Champion goalie, Hope Solo. This issue celebrates beauty in STRENGTH. 

This picture sums up my point, I think:


The hammer thrower is Amanda Bingson. The Photographer is Peter Hapak for ESPN The Magazine, and I’m hoping he won’t sue a humble blogger like me for drawing attention to his work without asking permission. You’re awesome, Mr. Hapak! So are you, Ms. Bingson.

Come to think of it, why don’t I quit while I’m ahead here. In this week when America basks in the glow of its World Cup championship, it’s appropriate to take a moment to sit back in awe of the vehicle and canvas of an athlete’s art: her body. Go to ESPN’s Body Issue and see what I mean.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Strength and Commitment: ESPN’s Body Issue is Back

  1. I didn’t know about this issue but I think it’s great to see a media outlet putting the focus on what a body can achieve, rather than what it looks like.

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