Nine Mile Pond: #atozchallenge, Day 16

With my parents’ 60th anniversary recently celebrated and the usual summer slew of wedding announcements appearing on facebook and in our mailbox, I’ve been thinking about marriage…but really, I just wanted an excuse to reblog this excellent post by my writer friend Shan Jeniah Burton. Two people canoeing through a swamp, a metaphor for marriage? Tell me more! Shan was taking part in something called the “A to Z Challenge” at the time, blogging on a different letter of the alphabet each day. I think ANYONE in a relationship, whether married or not, will enjoy her take on the letter “N.” Take it away, SJ!

Shan Jeniah's Lovely Chaos

Ever have a really bad day?  How about one you could easily have prevented, if you’d only known how? One that might have been glorious, if you’d made other choices?

On Day 1, waaay back at A, I wrote about two of my most interesting alligator encounters, including the time my Accomplice and I hit one with a canoe, because we mistook it for a piece of driftwood.

Today, you get to hear about our first time canoeing on Nine Mile Pond, and the lesson learned along the way.

Okay. You’ll need your life vest for this journey. All set? Then set your paddle to the water, stroking in a “J” pattern (there’s the alphabet again!), and finding a rhythm with your companion in the back of the canoe –

Which turns out to be a lot trickier, and maybe even impossible, if you happen to be having…

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2 thoughts on “Nine Mile Pond: #atozchallenge, Day 16

  1. What a lovely and timely surprise, Gretchen! Yesterday would have been our son Elijah’s twelfth birthday, and kicked off what I’ve come to know as Elijah’s Days – the twelve-day span of his lifetime that ends on the 25th, four days before my own birthday…needless to say, it’s an emotional time for me, and you added a sweet note, and a reminder.

    It means more than you can know! ❤

  2. Well, I’ve thought since the beginning that we share some kind of weird connection, so maybe this is another version of that. I’ll be thinking of you through Elijah’s Days. That makes me think of the seder, and setting a place for Elijah. I’m pretty sure you’re not Jewish; have you attended a Passover service? OK, maybe this isn’t the best forum for such a conversation. 🙂 I am so glad the timing of my reblog brought you comfort.

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