North Carolina’s Bathroom Bill: Listen to Loretta

I don’t have too much to say about House Bill 2 of my home state, North Carolina–a.k.a. the “Bathroom Bill”. Because Attorney General and North Carolina native Loretta Lynch already said it for me:

“It was not so very long ago that states, including North Carolina, had signs above restrooms, water fountains and on public accommodations keeping people out based upon a distinction without a difference.” — Loretta Lynch

(image courtesy

(image courtesy

So what do I say? I say go, Tarheels. Keep fighting this stupid, mean law as you’ve been doing. Make me proud of my home state again.



4 thoughts on “North Carolina’s Bathroom Bill: Listen to Loretta

  1. Stupid and mean? Really? You do realize that we’re creating a situation where any man can walk into any woman’s restroom, shower, changing room, locker room. Any man. I would say that creates considerable risk for women. Why must the safety of half the population, 150 million people, be disregarded for a few? I know plenty of women who have been abused. Is anyone considering their feelings? If we’ve really come to this ridiculous state, why not put common sense before political statements and make unisex rooms available instead?

  2. A transgender woman is not a man. Period. Women have been peeing with them for years, unwittingly, before this hysterical, I-fear-what-I-don’t-know-therefore-I-want-to-stamp-it-out piece of legislation got fueled by bigots acting out of, yes, ignorance. I used the word stupid deliberately.

    • A transgender woman IS a man in every cell of his body, as scientifically proven by a simple DNA test. But that wasn’t my point. This is going to let ANY man in women’s rooms, not just transgenders. This poses a very real safety concern. Apparently, pointing this out makes me a mean, stupid, hysterical, ignorant bigot.

  3. I base my judgement on some simple facts: House Bill 2 aims to correct a problem that is not a problem, and in so doing, creates more problems. The ones who suffer under House Bill 2 are innocent people. The bill does does not protect predators; that is a myth fomented only by those with anti-trans biases. Bill supporters are biased against trans people; bill opponents are pointing this out. When I see bigotry I call it by its name.

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