Weekly Housekeeping Tip: Choose Your Partner Wisely

I fell off my bike last weekend and now my kitchen’s a mess.

No, I was not riding in my kitchen–luckily; that would’ve made for an even crunchier fall than the one I took. But to help you see the connection between the two events, here are some Wing facts:

  1. My Mate is primary kitchen-cleaner (as I am primary cook).
  2. His method of cleaning involves descending to his knees to scrub a different section of kitchen floor or cabinet each day (a constant, slo-mo kind of deep cleaning–incredibly effective)
  3. After taking me to the doctor after my bike crash, the Mate had to go off-island (or, as we say here, “to America”) for a couple of days.
  4. Thanks to said crash, I cannot currently bend down. Certainly not to my knees.
  5. I do, however, continue to prepare food for myself and guests. Therefore…
  6. My kitchen’s a mess.
(Courtesy Cathy Thorne, everydaypeoplecartoons.com), via Pinterest

(Courtesy Cathy Thorne, everydaypeoplecartoons.com), via Pinterest

Don’t get me wrong–I’ve always appreciated the Mate’s approach to housekeeping. But now that I can’t even weakly emulate it, I long for it deeply. When he gets back, I think I’ll greet him in a negligee made of  damp dishrag.

So this counts as both celebration of marriage/partnership, and housekeeping advice: Find yourself a partner who cleans the way my Mate does, and hang onto him/her for dear life! (Or just add an egg to your floor.)