White Privilege for Dummies (Like Me)

I have been thinking about white privilege, trying to articulate its meaning…then here comes this teacher who just sums the whole thing up visually:

(…with thanks to Allison Snow, from whose Facebook page I first saw this, and datniggakel, whose YouTube I used.)

As this worthy teacher/coach would probably say after a lesson: “Any questions?”

4 thoughts on “White Privilege for Dummies (Like Me)

  1. Gretchen, I’m so pleased to find your wonderful blog! Please help a dense old teacher understand the pic of white privilege? I look forward to many more exchanges in the future. Thanks, Mark

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    • Well, hello there, Mark! What a pleasure to find you in Wing’s World! The picture is actually a video clip. Tap on the title of the blog post and it should open up the clip, which you can then tap to play. See if that works, ok? From on dense old teacher to another…

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